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Applying to Fulbright

Fulbright, we’re looking to give a world class education to Vietnam’s future leaders and creators. We’ll prepare you to become a critical and progressive thinker, ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges.

We’re looking for students who have:

Intellectual curiosity

We want you to be open-minded and willing to adapt, grow and change in your educational journey.

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Pioneering spirit

Students who seek out new challenges, creatively solve problems and are comfortable learning from mistakes.

A sense of responsibility and care for others

Our student environment is diverse and inclusive: we expect you to be considerate of others and motivated to create a better community.

Applying to Fulbright: Your guide

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about our application process.

  • Am I eligible?

    You’re eligible to apply to Fulbright if you’re a Vietnamese citizen or foreigner who is currently in your senior year of high school (Grade 12) and will graduate before your intended enrollment date. We also accept applications from individuals who hold a high-school diploma (or equivalent) for Fulbright’s Class of 2028.

    English Requirement before starting at Fulbright:

    All successful applicants are required to submit an English test score of a minimum 6.0 for IELTS (or 75 for TOEFL iBT or 95 for Duolingo English Test, or equivalent) before their matriculation.

    • who are native speakers, OR
    • who will have completed at least two consecutive years of high school education entirely in English, OR
    • who have obtained a Third Prize or above in English in the Provincial (or Municipal in the cases of Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Can Tho) or Regional Academic Excellence Competition for Grade 10 or above, OR
    • who have been selected into the student’s team to represent their province/major city in the National Academic Excellence Competition in English for Grade 10 or above.

    Please note:

    • Fulbright will organize a Cambridge English Placement Test session (free of charge) for all applicants who have not submitted a recognized English test.
    • Applicants who obtained an IELTS score of 6.0 and some with 6.5 (or equivalent) will be asked to undertake the English Bridge Program prior to starting their freshman year at Fulbright.
    • Fulbright will only accept Academic Excellence Competition certificates issued by the Department of Education in different provinces/major cities or by the Ministry of Education.
    • Fulbright does not currently accept certificates from internet-based academic competitions such as ViOlympic or IOE.
  • When can I apply?

    Fulbright implements different admissions cycles throughtout the year. We will announce the official timeline for each admissions cycle for the Class of 2028 soon.


  • How to apply

    Applications are completed online at There is no application fee.

    The admissions application includes the following key sections:

    01 – Applicant Profile

    02 – Academic Information

    03 – Activities and Awards

    04 – Personal Essay (written in English) or Original Piece of Work


  • Our application process

    In each admissions cycle, applicants will go through two (02) rounds: the Application round and the Interview round.

    The Interview round can take place before or after the application deadline.

  • Required documents

    For candidates with Vietnamese nationality:

    To apply for admission for the Class of 2023-2027, you need to complete two things:

    • Task 1: Complete and submit the Application for Admission on time.
    • Task 2: Complete and submit the Financial Assistance Application or Confirmation of Non-Participation in the Financial Assistance program on time.

    Candidates need to arrange and allocate a reasonable time to complete and submit both sets of documents on time. Applicants may consider completing the Admissions profile first, then completing the Financial Aid profile.

    For the Admissions Profile, applicants must do it independently. The Financial Assistance Profile requires a lot of information about the family’s financial situation, which applicants are required to complete with their parent or guardian.

    For applicants without Vietnamese nationality:

    Financial aid is not available to non-Vietnamese students. Candidates only need to complete the Enrollment Profile on the allotted time.

  • Interviews

    Each applicant will need to participate in one of the two interview rounds: Alpha Interview or Beta Interview.

    Alpha Interview:

    • Take place before the application deadline.
    • Applicants nominated via the Fulbright Referral Program or self-register via link can participate in the Alpha Interview Round.
    • Be conducted online OR in-person in Ho Chi Minh City and provinces/major cities where Admissions Officers visit.

    Beta Interview:

    • Take place after the application deadline.
    • Applicants shortlisted after the Application Round will be invited to Beta Interview Round.
    • Be conducted solely online.
    • These two interview rounds carry the same admissions weight.
  • Fulbright Referral Program

    This is the first year Fulbright University Vietnam has introduced a Referral Program.

    Each student, alumni, parent, faculty, and staff member of Fulbright University Vietnam can nominate a candidate. Also, management boards and high school teachers and educational institutions in Vietnam’s provinces and cities can nominate candidates by email: with the title in the format: Name of high school – Name of teacher Member & Position/Department – Introduction of Candidates

    The Assistant to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (also a Fulbright student) will be in direct contact to help nominated candidates begin their application.

    After that, these candidates will be invited to participate in the Alpha Interview round (the admission interview round is exclusive to nominees) and receive specific and personalized advice on completing the application profile from the Fulbright Admissions Officer.


  • Important notes

    1. The application is to be completed online on our application portal. We do not accept any application in paper form via post or direct submission.

    2. The admission process is focused on the applicants as who they truly are, and for this reason, we do not set a minimum requirement for applicants’ GPA

    3. Integrity Policy:

    • Applicants are asked to submit photos or scanned copies of the official transcripts, certificates, and any documents with regard of the application. The University reserves the right to request original or notarised copies of the submitted documents in case comparison is necessary.
    • In case Fulbright is skeptical about an applicant submitting misleading information, purposely getting rid of important details, or providing fraudulent or edited documents/photos, the University will investigate the situation. Depending on the investigation results, the University might terminate the applicant’s candidacy or cancel the admissions decision (if applicable).
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Here’s some important advice on

Many academic models exist, and no single model fits everyone. Knowing this, we suggest you research as much as possible the different education structures. This will help you choose the best and most exciting learning environment.

Here at Fulbright, you’ll spend four years understanding who you are, building a foundation of knowledge and understanding across different study fields, and developing the skills to have a multifaceted career.

Our class sizes are small and interactions with faculty and staff are frequent. We expect our students to be self-starters who enjoy having a mentor rather than needing their hand held along the way.

If you also know which academic field you want to study and would like to pursue that topic through various interesting projects, our education is for you.

When it’s time to choose your college, there are many ways to engage with the school, either in-person or online. If you can, try to visit that college and engage with faculty, staff and current students. Ask them why they are there and about their experience.

Sometimes, the college will even let you sit-in on an actual class, or attend student-run events. If you cannot physically visit the campus, reach out to their admissions office over email and see if you can set up a phone call, or be connected with current students.

We understand deciding what university is best for you takes time, so we suggest you begin your research into higher education by around 11th grade. Ultimately, we advice this so you choose a college where you feel like you belong, will make great friends and can see yourself being successful.

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students from Vietnam and beyond will join our Class of 2028.
Fulbright has received applications from 63 out of 63 provinces in Vietnam.
Fulbright has received applications from 17 countries outside of Vietnam.
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Giang has known Fulbright since its very first years and fallen in love with Fulbright due to its model teaching of liberal arts education...
Tran Thi Lam Giang, Admissions Officer
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Hương’s nickname is cavegirl as she co-founded #SaveSonDoong – the campaign advocating for the preservation of the world’s largest cave...
Le Nguyen Thien Huong, Senior Recruitment Manager
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Hieu has about 5 years of experience working in the field of education for also state enterprises and International universities...
Huynh Quang Hieu, Senior Admissions Officer
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Phuong Uyen holds an abiding passion for the art of Writing. Prior to working as an Admissions Officer at Fulbright University Vietnam, Uyen attended Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, USA...
Le Nguyen Phuong Uyen, Senior Admissions Officer
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