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Master critical thinking with our curriculum

Our curriculum is tailored to help you become a versatile, adaptive problem solver.
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Gain deep insight and valuable experience

Follow your interests and deepen your knowledge by pursuing a Major in your third and fourth year.
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Engage with real world problems

Apply your learning with real-life opportunities through internships, student organizations and more.
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Meet our faculty

Our faculty combines global experience and local insight, driving our commitment to providing you with academic excellence
Dr. Weber offers courses and talks on Vietnam’s fascinating diversity and its multifaceted history....
Nicolas Weber, Senior Faculty in Vietnam Studies
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Dr. Graeme Walker is a Canadian-born and educated economist. His research interests lie at the cross-section of psychology, sociology, and neuroscience...
Graeme Walker, Faculty Member in Economics
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Dr. Tuan-Ngoc Phan is a political economist who studies corruption in developing countries...
Phan Tuan Ngoc, Faculty member in Economics
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Dr. Tram Luong is a visual anthropologist and multimedia art practitioner...
Luong Ngoc Tram, Faculty Member in Art and Media Studies and Social Studies
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Who you’ll become @Fulbright

Become valuably versatile

through interdisciplinary study
With our curriculum, you'll study across multiple disciplines, gaining the insight and skills you'll need to meet any future opportunity.

Develop your strengths

with student-centered learning and teaching
At Fulbright, we put students first, creating an environment where you’ll directly engage with questions, problems and ideas.

Build yourself to lead

with skills, values and characte
Experience an education that will develop more than knowledge - you'll learn how to become a creator of positive change in your community and beyond.
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Meet our Board of Trustees

Our trustees are committed to using their wealth of global experience to keep Fulbright at the forefront of first-class, future focused education
Leon Botstein
Chris Malone
Christy Le
Ben Wilkinson
Tran Trong Kien
Henry Nguyen
Thomas Vallely
Hoang Thi Mai Huong

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(English below) ASEAN SOCIAL IMPACT PROGRAM 2023 - VÌ MỘT “HÀNH TINH” KHỎE MẠNH HƠN Chương trình ASEAN Social Impact Program 2023 - ASIP (Tác động xã hội ASEAN) đã chính thức khép lại với phần trình bày ý tưởng của các đội thi. Trước ban giám khảo và các nhà tài trợ tài năng...

The Monday after Fall break must have brought a lottt of frowning faces, hasn’t it? How are you, energized and ready to take on new challenges, or still exhausted with an inundation of schoolwork and personal projects?Did you know, painting is a wonderful way to relax and refocus. Clear your schedule for just a couple of...