• What scholarship opportunities are available to students?

    Fulbright applicants have the opportunity to apply for the following scholarships:
    President’s Scholarship
    Nguyễn-Phương Family Scholarship (1 scholarship)
    Nguyễn Tùng Lâm Scholarship (1 scholarship)
    Liberico Scholarship (1 scholarship)
    IDP Scholarship (10 scholarships)
    Bright Futures Scholarship
    Wheel Cards Scholarship
    Vietcombank – Fulbright Scholarship
    CNCF – Fulbright Scholarship

    Additionally, Fulbright extends scholarship programs to current students, including:Community Change-Maker Scholarship (02 scholarships for second and third year students); TPBank STEM Scholarship (05 scholarships for third and fourth year students in STEM fields).

  • What are the distinctions between scholarships available for incoming students?

    Applicants with excellent performances in both the admissions application and the interview rounds will be automatically considered for the President’s, Liberico and IDP Scholarship. (No additional application is required). Liberico Scholarship requires additional interviews with shortlisted candidates.
    Nguyễn-Phương Scholarship is awarded to one student who exemplifies change-maker spirit and possess the following characteristics: Other-centeredness, Leadership skills, Curiosity and Creativity, Courage and Resilience, Adaptability and Open-mindedness.
    Nguyễn Tùng Lâm Scholarship is awarded to one student who can demonstrate exceptional academic excellence, have passion to pursue a degree in Psychology and have financial difficulties.
    Wheel Cards Scholarship supports students with disabilities.
    Bright Futures Scholarship is awarded to students from families who were or have been severely affected by the wars in Vietnam or elsewhere.
    Vietcombank and CNCF Scholarships are given to students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Applicants can apply for multiple scholarships according to their preference. The cumulative value of the scholarships can cover up to 100% of the tuition fees.

  • What is the procedure to apply for scholarships?

    Some scholarships, such as the President’s, Liberico, and IDP Scholarship, do not require an additional application. On the other hand, the NP Family Scholarship, Liberico, and Nguyễn Tùng Lâm Scholarship require applicants to participate in additional interviews.
    For applicants who are actively seeking scholarships, they can access the Scholarship tab on the portal (available at https://apply.fulbright.edu.vn/) to apply for the scholarships.

  • Can I apply for both scholarships and financial aid?

    Applicants can apply for one or multiple scholarships while simultaneously submitting an application for financial aid. The deadline for financial aid applications typically precedes the scholarship application deadline.

    These are separate applications. The Financial Aid program assesses the economic circumstances of the candidate’s family. On the other hand, the Scholarship program evaluates applicants based on different sets of selection criteria and the performance of candidates through the application and interview processes.

General information about Financial Aid

  • What expenses does Fulbright's financial aid cover?

    Fulbright’s financial aid covers full or partial tuition fees for all 4 year of a student’s time at the University and full or partial housing fees in the first two years (for students living in residence). If students wish to live in residence for the last two years, they can request for consideration but their request is not guaranteed to be accepted.

    The financial aid program may provide an allowance for living expenses to students with extremely difficult financial circumstances.

  • How long does an awarded financial package last?

    We offer financial aid to qualified students whose families cannot pay the full tuition fee for their entire four years. The awarded financial aid package will not change throughout the student’s entire time at Fulbright unless there are unforeseen major changes that affect the family’s financial status.

  • How do financial aid and scholarships differ?

    At first glance, financial aid and scholarships look similar: They both provide financial support for students attending university.

    Beyond that core function, they differ in how they are awarded: A scholarship typically takes into consideration a student’s other qualities and talents, and is not always related to a family’s financial circumstances. Financial aid is only based on a family’s financial circumstances. At Fulbright, financial aid is also granted for a full four years, thus allowing families to plan their educational expenses.

    Fulbright offers both a financial aid program and scholarship programs. You can learn more about scholarship programs here.

  • How is financial aid awarded?

    Financial aid is awarded based on the information provided in the student’s financial aid application and interview. The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid reviews each application and assesses if a family can afford Fulbright’s tuition and housing fees. If a family cannot meet that cost, they are awarded financial aid based on their financial circumstances.

    All students, whether they receive financial aid or not, can apply for other scholarships.

  • Am I eligible to apply for financial aid if not having Vietnamese citizenship?

    Fulbright’s financial aid is solely for Vietnamese nationals who have proof of citizenship and apply to Fulbright’s undergraduate program. Thus, financial aid is not available for international students who do not have Vietnamese citizenship. However, international students can still apply for other scholarship programs.

  • How can I apply for Fulbright’s financial aid program?

    Fulbright’s financial aid officers will assess and evaluate applicants’ financial aid applications and then conduct financial aid interviews with their families. Students will receive their admissions offer and financial aid package result at the same time.

Financial Aid Profile

  • When do I submit the financial aid application?

    The financial aid application is opened at the same time with the admissions application, and is due shortly after the admissions deadline.

    To submit the financial aid application, go here.

  • Do my parents need to support me when submitting the financial aid application?

    In order to fill out the application in entirety, including uploading any required documents, you must work with your family and we recommend that you give yourself and your family members plenty of time to work on it, and to do the application over a period of time instead of completing it all at once.

  • Do I need to apply for financial aid every year?

    No. Students are only expected to apply for financial aid at the time that they apply to Fulbright. We inform students when they are accepted approximately how much each student and their family would need to pay throughout the student’s entire time at Fulbright.

    Students can request a Financial Aid appeal if there are unforeseen major changes that affect their family’s financial status while studying at Fulbright.

  • How is the information submitted for financial aid kept confidential?

    NFulbright undertakes to use the information provided by applicants and their families solely for the purpose of assessing and determining financial aid packages.

    All information and documents a family submit to Fulbright is kept confidential and is shared only between the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid and the family and is not shared with any third-party.

  • With whom is information of the awarded financial aid package be shared?

    All information of the awarded financial aid package for each student is kept confidential and is shared only between the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid and the family.

    To create an equal education environment, we ask that you and your family not share this information with anyone other than your family members.

  • If my family is able to afford Fulbright’s tuition, what do we need to do?

    You need to complete these two steps:

    Step 1: Finish and submit the Admissions Application.

    Step 2: Finish and submit the Financial Aid Opt-Out Form. In the Financial Aid Opt-Out Form, you and your family will share some information regarding your financial situation and how you plan to cover the annual fees at Fulbright.

    Please note that opting-out is an important decision, so you need to discuss it carefully with your family. In case you choose to opt-out, you are still eligible to apply for scholarship programs as well as join loan schemes with Fulbright-affiliated banks to optimize your family’s financial planning.

  • My parent/guardian has two or more bank accounts. Will I be required to upload statements for all bank accounts?

    Yes, you are required to upload the statements of all bank accounts to provide us with sufficient verification information.

  • What issues do people typically run into when filling out the financial aid application?

    Typical issues we encounter submitted applications are:

    There is not enough time is given towards the application, thus students and families rush to finish the application, and information submitted does not always provide enough information regarding a family’s financial circumstances.

    Instructions are not always explicitly followed as displayed on the application. Important instructions can be found in the following places:

    Section 1, Financial Aid tab

    Instructions in the rightmost column of the screen

    The “i” icon for clarification of requirements for each field to be filled in

    Information is not always input correctly e.g. adding extra or missing 0’s.

    Not all documents are uploaded to understand a family’s financial circumstances.

    Information across documents and application are not always consistent.

    Honesty and integrity are important when filling out Fulbright’s financial aid application. If information submitted is inaccurate or incomplete, it will affect a student’s financial aid package. In extreme cases, it may affect a student’s enrollment.

Financial aid appeal

  • What happens if my family’s financial circumstances change while enrolled at Fulbright?

    If you and your family experience a major change in your financial circumstances once you’re already enrolled at Fulbright and require additional financial aid, please inform us as soon as possible. Examples might include loss of employment, death or disability of a parent, or high medical expenses. The financial aid team will review your appeal and explore whether Fulbright is able to provide more aid.

    You will can request a Financial Aid appeal and will need to submit supplemental documents as proof of the changes.

    In the event that your family has a better source of income, we may also reduce your financial aid package so that we can distribute this fund to other students in need. We strongly encourage students to proactively inform us of their ability to contribute more to their education.

    *Please note that major events to be considered must be the ones that have a long-term effect on your family’s income, which may include but are not limited to the family’s breadbwinner suffering an accident or illness that affects his employment ability.

  • What happens if I receive a scholarship? Will this affect my financial aid?

    Fulbright might adjust financial aid packages of students who receive scholarships or other funding sources for their education to be compatible with their actual financial situation. Depending on the terms of the scholarship, the awarded financial aid package is subject to changes as long as the total amount of financial aid and scholarships received by a student does not exceed 100%.

    Earnings from awards, internships, or part-time jobs will not count toward these funding sources.

Other provisions relating to Financial Assistance

  • If I reserve my admissions decision, will my Financial Aid package be affected?

    Students undertaking a leave of absence will not receive any financial aid during the period of absence from their studies.

    In order to retain their financial aid packages, students are not allowed to undertake a leave of absence for more than a year. If the period of leave exceeds one year, students must reapply for financial aid. In this case, results of financial aid will be dependent on our available funds and the University does not guarantee to award the students the same financial aid packages as the ones they received previously.

  • Do I need to repay the financial aid I receive from Fulbright?

    No, financial aid is provided to help you and your family afford Fulbright and does not need to be repaid. This is made possible by the generous contributions of philanthropic donors from Vietnam and the United States, who are committed to ensuring that a student’s financial circumstances do not prevent them from pursuing a Fulbright education.

    Our hope is that students and families who benefit from this financial aid will, in time, pay it forward by supporting the next generation.